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McArthur Skincare Complete Skincare Cream Review

McArthur Skincare, a Perth based brand that specialises in pawpaw infused product, kindly sent me several products a couple months ago. I've been testing and enjoying most of them, but I've also passed on a few to my husband Dean, who has sensitive skin. The first product he tried was the Complete Skincare Cream, a face and body moisturizer that contains a whopping 60% pawpaw extract. According to McArthur Skincare, this cream "is a must have product to replenish and maintain healthy skin. It’s suitable for all dry, oily and combination skin types. While it is ideal for maintaining a healthy complexion, you can also use it anywhere on the body." Available in two sizes, 100ml ($27.95) and 240ml ($54.95), as well as a fragrance free version. McArthur Skincare products are cruelty free and made in Australia, and can be purchased via the brand's website (which ships worldwide), and at a handful of chemists and Priceline stores. Click through to read Dean's review.

July 2017 Favorites+Blogs of the Month

Man, July was a MONTH for me. I have a stack of posts half written and waiting in my drafts that I'm only now completing. I considered skipping my July Favorites, but decided to post them anyway, despite going up well into August. Life is still good, but a lot of small, hectic events took up a fair bit of my time, and took my attention away from blogging. I had new places to explore, several home repairs that needed taken care of, and oddest of all, a stray rabbit wandered into (and out of) my life. Click through to see what products I loved in my busy month of July.

New Discoveries - July 2017

Though I didn't do quite as much shopping in July as I did in June, I was able to try about a dozen new products and I've found five new (well, new to me) products that are really impressing me - two of them from big name brands I've never tried before! Click through to read about last month's New Discoveries.

Out with the Old - July 2017 Empties

July was my biggest empties month in ages - probably since I moved to Sydney! I finished a massive 17 products, nearly double what I finish in an average month. Granted, a lot of them were sample packets, but I still feel just a little bit proud of mountain of empty products. Products that I intend to repurchase will be marked with an asterisk (*). Click through to read a little more about each product I finished this month.